Our mission is to help customers reduce electricity costs, increase energy self-sufficiency, provide a reliable backup source or peak-shaving, and reduce the general dependence on coal and gas power.

For this purpose, Amvolt has formed a consortium of companies to develop a range of high quality, durable and modular battery storage systems from 11 kWh Battery Packs to 1 MWh Battery Containers (BESS). We supply our storages to customers and partners internationally as final products or as production blueprints for localized assembly.

GWL a.s.

Europe's largest supplier of LFP (LiFePO4) prismatic battery cells and a complete range of products for solar power plants. Co-founder of the Amvolt consortium.

Czech Sustainable Houses

The EU Sustainable Energy, The Energy Globe, The UN SDGs award-winning project bringing together academia and business to innovate and promote the energy transition. Guarantor of quality and innovation, the first user and co-founder of Amvolt.

asolar s.r.o.

Professionals with many years of experience in photovoltaics and electrical design – electrical wiring, switchboards, MaR, lighting.

Selected customers

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