The current standard in the battery storage market is a flood of various products from Asia. AMVOLT is trying to create a safe, local (European) counterbalance to this. We assemble all storage systems completely in the Czech Republic with a logic of uncompromising quality and complete technical openness down to the level of the individual battery cells, which ensures easy serviceability, realistic control and long sustainability of our products. AMVOLT supplies a wide range of modular low and high voltage battery storage systems from 5 kWh capacity to 1+ MWh BESS containers.

Partners we recommend and cooperate with:

100Mega Distribution s.r.o.

Large Europe's supplier of LFP (LiFePO4) prismatic battery cells and a complete range of products for telecommunication, computer's networks, battery storages and solar power plants. Distributor of Amvolt.

BPS Průmyslové služby s.r.o.

During a quarter of a century of operation on the Czech market, BPS has become a stable partner for industrial clients in the field of handling technology.
It was founded in 1994 as the main supplier of handling equipment to Škoda Auto a.s. Over time, it has developed and profiled into a purely Czech flexible company with 6 branches and 21 technicians. Most of the supplied technology is manufactured in Western Europe!

Flowbox s.r.o.

A software company developing solutions for the digitalization of industry, buildings and cities. Through connecting technologies, it helps to streamline operations and optimally use energy resources, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

asolar s.r.o.

Professionals with many years of experience in photovoltaics and electrical design – electrical wiring, switchboards, MaR, lighting.


The first association of its kind in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, it brings together the most important entities active in the field of energy storage in the Czech Republic.

Selected customers

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