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Apartment house in České Budějovice

Capacity: 100 kWh
Location: elevator machine room
Dimensions: 80 x 260 x 141 cm
Battery type: AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Modules
Battery cell type: WINSTON WB-LYP1000AHC LiFeYPO4, 3.3V, 1000Ah
Connection to power supply: 3x Victron Quatro (15 kWh each)

A standard implementation of a two-floor battery storage with a capacity of 50 kWh in each floor, i.e. 2 x AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Module. The client's intention was to store the surplus from the PV and use the accumulated energy as a backup for critical infrastructure (servers) and for optimization of electricity costs.

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