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Apartment house in Šumperk

Capacity: 200 kWh (2 x 100 kWh)
Location: stand-alone electricity substation
Dimensions: 80 x 260 x 141 cm x 2
Battery type: AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Modules
Battery cell type: WINSTON WB-LYP1000AHC LiFeYPO4, 3.3V, 1000Ah
Connection to power supply: 3x Victron Quatro (15 kWh each)
Realisation partners: GreenWatt

In Šumperk we have installed two standardized 100kWh battery storage systems. Both consist of two floors, each carrying one AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Module. The client needed to ensure sufficient energy supply with a small power input from the distributor (small circuit breaker). The storage is connected to surplus power from a photovoltaic plant.

Do you like this installation? Check our 50 kWh Modul for more details.

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