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Business premises in Podbořany

Capacity: 150 kWh
Location: electricity substation
Dimensions: 80 x 260 x 202 cm
Battery type: AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Modules
Battery cell type: WINSTON WB-LYP1000AHC LiFeYPO4, 3.3V, 1000Ah
Connection to power supply: 3x Victron Quatro (15 kWh each)
General installation contractor: ENERG-SERVIS a.s. + Tomas Vocilka (Asolar s.r.o.)

Standard battery storage with 3 AMVOLT 50 kWh LV Modules built in three levels of rack above each other. This customer wished to store the excess photovoltaic energy and subsequently use it to optimize electricity costs and as a backup for the continuous operation of the company premises.

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