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Meichi s.r.o. – Company HQ Photovoltaic Power Plant

Realization: 2021

Location: Roudnice, Czech Rep.

Implemented services: In cooperation with GWL and Asolar, installed Amvolt Battery Pack 11 kWh, complete system of Victron Energy inverters, solar power plant 6.5 kWp

Costs: Amvolt Battery Pack 11.26 kWh, price: 9,600 EUR w/o VAT (PV panels and inverters not included)

The photovoltaic power plant with storage in a low-voltage Amvolt Battery Pack in a company building is designed primarily to reduce the building's own consumption. The energy from the sun is always used first for operations (IT, electric vehicle charging, cooling, heating, air conditioning, small office appliances) and only when there is a surplus is it stored in the battery pack. If even this is not enough, the additional surplus is used for DHW heating. The overflow to the distribution system is practically zero.

During the day and the year, the system's mono mode changes continuously and automatically. When the production from the sun is higher than the company's current consumption, the excess production is stored in the Amvolt battery and any additional surplus is used for DHW heating. When the PV panels produce less than the house's current consumption and the battery is charged, the difference is drawn from the battery and no energy is drawn from the grid. When there is minimal or no production from the sun and the batteries are discharged, all energy is pulled from the grid.

The transition between these modes is completely automatic and without user intervention.

In the event of a blackout, the system is ready to support the PV plant and recharge the battery from the petrol generator.

Technical Description

A photovoltaic hybrid power plant with storage in the Amvolt Battery Pack designed to power a building in cooperation with the public distribution grid, with a power plant or in pure island mode. DHW heating system from surplus solar energy. 

The hybrid power plant system consists of the following equipment:
• External photovoltaic generator (PV panels and supporting structures, DC coupling). Optionally existing grid-connected PV (AC coupling). A combination of both types of PV generators is possible.
• Amvolt Battery Pack 11 kWh
• DC and AC interconnecting cable
• Power pack (optional accessory)
• DHW heater (AC or DC heating – optional accessory)

Main advantages:
• Maximum use of solar energy during normal operation without recharging the battery from the grid
• Anti-blackout system – increased energy security, power supply to the building in conditions of short-term and long-term blackout (failure of the external network)
• Energy source for water heating – use of solar surplus for DHW heating and hot water preparation, intelligent algorithm and controller in the basic equipment, protection and solid-state SSR relay for heating switching, priority current relay (disconnection of DHW heating in case of increase of house consumption above the set limit)
• Compact design, fully automatic operation, easy and quick assembly (plug'n'play concept)
• Virtual – 3f function, full power to the house's three-phase wiring from a robust single-phase inverter (full hybrid system power available in every phase conductor of the building), seamless backup and 3x 230 V power to the building's existing appliances including the stove (except 3f motors and equipment requiring a rotating magnetic field)
• Integrated automatic and manual bypass to bypass the system in the event of a fault and massive overload (changeover to the original three-phase power supply, main power switch of the system)
• Manual battery charging, preparation function for planned grid shutdown; option to start charging via control panel and web interface
• Built-in colour LCD display for complete visualization of operating conditions
• Remote monitoring of operating conditions via the Internet – visualization on a mobile phone and PC
• Possibility to connect a power plant or other alternative sources (optional extension = network switch); the system detects the operation of the power plant and automatically adjusts the consumption to avoid overloading (without the need for user intervention)
• Integrated PV switchboard – complete AC and DC protection, main switch, mains switch, DC and AC surge protection (AC protection protects the neutral conductor, inverter input and output); both AC/DC protection type 2 (In 15 kA)
• Energy storage from the existing PV plant, the possibility of cooperation with the existing grid power plant and its operation in island mode (according to the type of the existing grid power plant inverter)

Realisation partners: Tomas Vocilka (Asolar s.r.o.)

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