For more than 15 years, GWL a.s. has been testing, researching and supplying only the highest quality LFP battery cells. Under the Amvolt brand, GWL has developed complete battery storage system in a wide range of sizes and applications. Available as final products or as production blueprints for localized assembly anywhere in the world.

(11–70 kWh)

Basic Description

The main principle of the Amvolt battery storage concept is technical openness. We try to free our customers from vendor lock-in, i.e. dependence on a specific supplier. Our battery packs are most often used for energy storage to reduce electricity consumption from the grid and increase self-consumption obtained, for example, from solar energy. It is therefore a solution to increase the level of self-sufficiency and independence from the grid.

Who are Amvolt Battery Packs suitable for?

Customers of Amvolt Battery Packs are mainly installers of solar power plants with the storage (from single-family homes to large industrial sites and everything in between) who are looking for an alternative to often unavailable or poor quality closed battery storage solutions.

In contrast to closed "shelf" storage solutions, Amvolt storage systems use prismatic LFP battery cells (easy to replaceable individually), to which we have a good strategic approach, and the electrical components (BMS, protection, etc.) are handled in the form of industry-standard modular devices.


Design and Operating Information

Certified Amvolt Battery Pack according to IEC 62619 standard for standard sizes of freestanding switchgear boxes.
The storage units are designed for indoor use, with a required constant indoor temperature from +15 °C to +35 °C.
Each Amvolt Battery Pack contains a selectable number of LFP cells that are serviceable and replaceable in the future. The cells are housed in a special corset that ensures increased durability of the entire solution.
Amvolt Battery Packs are equipped with a fuse, a central STOP button and its own Battery Management System (BMS).
The main connection point for electricity and other utilities, e.g. for technology monitoring, is supplied according to the individual customer's requirement.
Cable internet readiness for remote management needs.
A signal panel is located on the outer casing to indicate operating or fault conditions.
Communication with an external device (e.g. inverter) is via status contacts whose functions (stop discharge, stop charge, fault) can be set if necessary. It is a deliberately simple, long-term sustainable system independent of firmware versions, software, updates, etc. Fully compliant with Victron Energy inverters and many others.

Other parameters

Rated voltage of Amvolt Battery Packs
48 V DC
Max. power consumption
according to the output fuse (e.g. 250 A)
Storage capacity
according to the table in chapter 1 (see above)
Operating temperatures
+10 °C to +35 °C
Built-in protection against
overcharging, undercharging, flashover
Amvolt Battery Packs are an analogue system whose transmitting interface is plus, minus and three NC/NO status binary contacts indicating the reaching of battery limits Umin, Umax and other unspecified accidents. All system smart functions shall be implemented at the inverter and controller level.
Remote control
internal www server for visual status checking,, reading of values via HTTP and XML, simple Siemens Logo PLC with mono LCD display on the cabinet door for visual checking of internal temperature, current and minimum and maximum cell voltages, safety disconnection in case of exceeded values
according to storage size, standard 200 kg
as designed, standard h 1600 x w 800 x d 500 mm

Battery Cells

Amvolt battery storage systems, whether Battery Containers or Battery Packs for indoor usage, are assembled in a modular and tailor-made manner. We use industrial LFP (LiFePO4) prismatic cells of world-renowned brands Winston or Elerix, which are supplied by our parent company GWL a.s.


The cells are characterized by high safety and long service life, they are non-flammable and non-explosive. The usual lifetime of a cell is up to 8 thousand cycles, but even after that, the cells can be used for many more years without any problems. In the event of damage to some of the cells in the storage unit, the other cells can be reassembled and used again or the individual cells can be replaced – so the entire storage unit is not damaged, as is the case with closed battery packs and containers.


That's why for each Amvolt storage unit, we always recommend purchasing spare cells with a capacity of 1–5 % of the total capacity. You can learn more about LFP battery cells in the Technology section.




Amvolt Battery Pack Block Diagram

Amvolt Battery Packs Block Diagram EN

Example of the Amvolt Battery Pack

Amvolt Battery Pack 22,5 kWh, 48V


Monitoring and Management of Amvolt Battery Packs

Control System
The solution includes a PLC control system consisting of Siemens Logo, Elerix CPM (Cell Performance Monitor) and Elerix BCC (Battery Communicator and Controller), which provide monitoring and management of the entire storage.

The system monitors the voltage of all cells, the current at the battery transfer point, the room and battery pack temperature, the occurrence of smoke and signals various operational or emergency conditions with an automatic emergency disconnect function.

Communication with an external device (e.g. inverter) is by means of status contacts whose functions (stop discharge, stop charge, fault) can be set if necessary. It is a deliberately simple, long-term sustainable system independent of firmware versions, software, updates, etc. Fully compliant with Victron Energy inverters and many others.
Remote Control
The installer will prepare the internet connection 2x UTP cable terminated with RJ45 (100/10 Mbps).

Optionally, it is possible to install a MikroTik router with an integrated switch and LTE modem in the cabinet in case the installation site does not have a 2x fixed internet connection or suffers from frequent outages (not included).

A simple Siemens Logo PLC system fitted into the door is equipped with a webserver with an IP address, which can be accessed remotely and the entire LCD display (voltage, temperature, current) can be mirrored via the www. Values can be logged to an SD card or sent to the cloud (

The PLC also allows remote shutdown of the storage and its parts.


Amvolt Battery Packs require regular revisions depending on their size and usage. Depending on the type of storage and the agreement with the customer, this is carried out by the customer or provided by Amvolt through its partners and members.

Safety and Certification

A fundamental legislative requirement for batteries is battery certification. Typically, lithium cell-based energy storage systems are assessed against the IEC 62619 standard, which can be done in a variety of ways, from a simple issue of a conformity certificate to an actual technical assessment in an accredited test facility.


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